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The Classic

Our history is about our mutual love of music, meeting up with dear friends, fun, food, golf, late night porch sitting and spending time to help our community.

In late 2015 news spread that a longtime event hosted in Wilmington was being canceled. A group of celebrities, sponsors, friends and children & spouses who for 19 plus years had enjoyed this event, decided to start a new celebration and event. The 11 founding members, their children and spouses decided our reunions and efforts had to continue. We decided the celebration was going to be centered on music, with a flair towards Hollywood, all to benefit kids and veterans in our community of Wilmington. Starting in early 2016, after many conference calls, our name Wilmywood Country Classic was born, and the framework for the event was established. Each founding member took on a role and worked hard to produce results.

In April of 2016 the members completed the foundation, chose a charity, selected a venue, and established committees to host he Inaugural Wilmywood Country Classic in August of 2016. After a tremendous start we are proud to announce we raised $62,000 in the support of a great local charity and we will continue the tradition in 2021. The initial charity was suggested and chosen because it would have tremendous impact for our kids in Wilmington and we have decided to renew our commitment for a sixth year to the Voyage.  The April event will be hosted at the Hampton Inn & Suites-Landfall and Pine Valley Country Club and will feature music, food, porch sitting, clinics for songwriting, tennis and golf, more food, more music and then a round of golf. Please join us for the fun and our cause, do it because it’s for fun, it’s for the charity, or it’s for the community, but join us.

  • Joe Bonczek


  • Mark Mulch

    Vice President

  • Ian Sauer


  • Brenda McDonald


  • Josh Sauer

    Vice President

  • Tim Haldeman

  • Alan Honea

  • Craig Hadges

  • Janet Rose

In Loving Memory of Leonard Black

Leonard was born on February 19, 1935, in Fayetteville, NC.
Leonard went on to attend Duke University on a football scholarship and played in the 1955 Orange Bowl. After college, Leonard went on to play professional football as a tight end for the Washington Redskins, and later for the Canadian Football league's Toronto Argonauts. Leonard was also very active in his community and was a founding member and instrumental in organizing the Fayetteville Sports Club.
Leonard loved life and lived it to the fullest. The 5 F's were most important to him: Faith, Family, Friends, Football, and Food. So much of his generosity was shown through his involvement in charitable foundations. He participated in many charity golf events for over 30 years. Most recently, he sat on the board of the Wilmywood Country Classic, a charity golf event supporting underprivileged children in Wilmington NC.